Edmonton Platinum Exclusive Use

Keys Please® will place an Event Co-ordinator at your function to advise your guests that you have supplied the service of Keys Please® for their convenience. When your guests require the service, the Event Co-ordinator will direct them to the first available team. Our Event Co-ordinator is in touch with the driving teams allotted to your function and will be able to advise your guests when the next team will be available. The Event Co-ordinator will schedule the service to the guests in a controlled manner for maximum usage.

We recommend that the Keys Please® Event Coordinator be at your function a minimum of 1 (one) hour prior to the Keys Please® Exclusive Use Drivers. This will allow the Keys Please® Event Coordinator the time to ensure that your guests are aware of the availability of the Exclusive Use Service that you have provided for them.

Teams of drivers are placed at your function at a pre-determined time (minimum charge – 2 hours, e.g. midnight – 2 a.m.). The team(s) of drivers will service the customers that are designated by the Event Coordinator. Upon completion of a trip they will return directly to service the next customer. Customers must have a vehicle. For functions outside city limits there may be a travel time charge to and from the location.

This service requires pre-booking.

Price: $0.00


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