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I have used Keys Please many times, always great your car is safe at home when you wake up sick the following morning.

I always tip really high for this, especially if my drunk friends are there.

Calgarypuck Forums

I used Keys Please last night. Your drivers were awesome! Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for a great service.

Mark L.

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for the excellent service you provided for our event. Kelly was fantastic! He was punctual, courteous and friendly. We were so pleased and if we ever need a driver again we will definitely give you a call.

Christy P.

Keys please is the best ever. Not only is there someone to drive a standard vehicle but there is fun and entertainment along the way. You don't need to worry about the next day and getting your vehicle. Heck I would rather call them for a ride even if I didn't have one. Cheers Keys Please and keep the memories coming .. that I can remember that is 🙂

Holly Cochrane

I took a friend to a wine tasting for her birthday and I booked Keys Please ahead of the event. I could not be happier with the whole experience from beginning to end. The person I spoke to when booking was friendly and professional. Our driver Amanda was friendly, personable and is an asset to your company. I will sing Keys Please' praises to everyone! I am so happy a quality service like this is readily available.


Amazing service! I cant say enough good things! I have used them on more than one occasion and all have been good experiences. They are saints for dealing with drunk people and getting us home safe.


Re: the call-in service. It worked dandy. Very happy with it.…I wish more people would know how easy and inexpensive it was. You know with a 20% tip or better my bill was less than 50 bucks. A cab from downtown to my house is probably close to 35 bucks so for 15 bucks you bring my car home…… Driver was good enough to back my car into my garage for me … very pleased with the service I had.


Keys please is awesome, and it's not actually that much more than a taxi, or maybe it is, I used to just drink and drive.

For example from West Hills to say Lake Bonavista is like $50, plus tip. Unfortunately for me, like Naga Waza, I usually end up tipping like $20 because I'm drunk.

But still, having the freedom of having your car all night until you're too drunk to drive and then having it at home in the morning when you're too hungover to go on a mission to retrieve it is definitely worth the $70.

Calgarypuck Forums

Used keys please dozens of times. Good people and waking up with your car is sooo much better the next day. More expensive then a cab for sure, but a service well worth it considering the alternatives.

Calgarypuck Forums

I used Keys Please, was about $55 from Rusty Cage on 37th St. to my old place in Thorncliffe. The guy drove my six-speed M5, didn't kill us or get me any tickets and returned both the car and I in the condition in which they were found... me in slightly better condition as the drive sobered me up.

Calgarypuck Forums

Key's please was awesome, used them about 9 months ago. Some older guy (50's) came to drive my car with 3 of us there. He was rocking out to Sabbath with the 4 of us on the drive home, awesome karaoke session!

$40 one way to get to my house in a cab, $50 with keys please. It's well worth it since I'd be paying $40 x 2 to get downtown and come home in a cab.

+1 for Keys Please

Prices are usually more than the average cab fare, but not by much..
I'd say most of the time it's worth the extra $$ to get your car home the same night haha

I've used Keys Please on more than one occasion. I always found them very careful with my car.


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