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If you have people skills and a drivers licence, Keys Please is a job you will be good at! I love the freedom it provides for my availability and the customers I pick up always put a smile on my face. Anyone can work just a "job" but with keys please your making a difference. I get to go home every morning knowing I might have saved a life... What did you do today?

Derek & Justine

Both Bob and myself enjoy working with Keys Please for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is is we get to do it together. We love the the people we work with as the dispatch is always friendly , helpful and knowledgeable when there is a problem. Doing this job provides us with flexibility while we feel that we are making a difference, keeping Calgary streets safe. We also like the diversity of the staff and drivers. Keys Please hires young, retired folks and doesn't differentiant regardless of age or race. We really enjoy the interaction with the clients and they appreciate what we do and are thankful we get them home safe.

Bob & Colleen

Well, its nice to meet new people and get them home safe. My best friend was killed by a drunk driver in july 2011 & he had already been shot in the head by a random stranger at a bar when he was 17, and the fact he was apart of my life was already a miracle as he was in his early 40s and was still alive & working with ppl with developmental issues made him all that more special. But to wake up in the morning to meet him & see on the front of the paper that he had passed made me realize even more how important it is not to drink & drive!! Rip tony harrison. This job also provides my family with what they need:)


I have been a full-time contract driver for Keys Please for the last 6 years. For the most part I have always enjoyed my driving experience here. I actually love every aspect of this job. I love driving. I love meeting the various customers we get from all walks of life. I even love the nighttime hours. Every night is different. I never ever get bored out here. You just have to expect the unexpected which always keeps it interesting and fresh for me. I hope to continue my involvement with this company for years to come.


Working as a designated driver makes me feel privileged. To know and be with friendly people is very special because every time I drive a person safely home it is like "putting lives out of danger".


we have been working with Keys Please for the past 9 months and really enjoy it. The work is diverse, you never know who you're gong to meet or where your're going to go in a night, the customers are friendly and thankful for our help, and we get to drive some really nice vehicles! Driving for Keys Please has been a great experience for us - we get to work together, offering people a safe option for how to get home after a fun night out.

Rob & Amanda

We have been driving for Keys Please since December, 2011. We have enjoyed our time helping people get home safely along with their vehicle. Meeting interesting individuals has been a bonus while doing this job. We have heard and enjoyed many stories and adventures related by our clients. The conversation with clients usually includes their appreciation for the service Keys Please provides them. They thoroughly enjoy the idea of getting their vehicle home safely and not having it sit overnight in a parking lot or on the street. Also many have said, "The extra hour sleep I get in the morning is priceless" -- as opposed to bothering someone or taking a cab back to pick up their vehicle. Our time with Keys Please has worked out great for us within our lifestyle. We would recommend working for Keys Please to others, if it fits for you and your work-mate.

Pennie & Lyle

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